The GOVINDA chain of restaurants is known all over the world. Each of our restaurants offers special lacto-vegetarian delicacies, dishes of traditional Indian taste and healthy food of reform diet. Everywhere in the world it is common in all Govinda restaurants that food is prepared of pure, fresh ingredients, especially grains, plants and dairy products.

The ways of preparing food and the recipes are from the gastronomic knowledge of ancient Indian, Vedic tradition, thus the dishes are succulent, nutritious, give us plenty of energy. At the same time they are free from all unnecessarily fattening preparations. They follow the rule of the harmony of taste, or they contain the six tastes, thus complying with the principles of healthy eating, the science of Ayurveda.

For us the way of preparing the food is almost as important as the quality of the ingredients. It is well-known that cooking should always be done in a good mood, with devotion, that will make the experience of tastes complete. Then the dishes have to be offered to Whom all the treasures of the world come from. Thus the food becomes spiritual, or prasadam. In our restaurants you can find courses of pure, characteristic tastes. You will find delicious dishes, even if you are on a special diet.

Each restaurant in the chain is perfectly unique. You can find salad bar, café, tea-room and home delivery restaurant. You can find more details in the sub-pages of the restaurants.

Enjoy your meal

„In the new place Sríla Prabhupáda taught us Vedic philosophy, music, art and cooking. First he cooked - he always taught by example. The most wonderful vegetarian meals I had ever tasted were prepared this way. (Sríla Prabhupáda himself served everything!) The food was generally rice, vegetables, chapati (flatbread made of wholemeal flour) and dhal (nicely spiced mungo bean or split pea soup). The spices, ghee (clarified butter) and the attention he paid to the cooking temperature, all together created tastes that had been unknown for me before. The opinion of others in connection with the food, which was called prasada (the mercy of the Lord) completely agreed with mine."


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